The meeting of the President and other officials of Semnan University with the Secretary General of the UNESCO National Commission

In line with the Development of International Cooperation at Semnan University, a Meeting was held with the President and other Officials of this University with the Secretary General of the UNESCO National Commission.

According to Semnan University public relations report; In this meeting, Dr. Seyfolah Saedodin, President of Semnan University, while pointing out the capabilities of this university in order to fulfill the slogan of comprehensive development of the knowledge base of Semnan University, examined the fields of cooperation between these two institutions.

Dr. Matkan, the Secretary General of the National Commission of UNESCO, welcomed the cooperation, the preparation of UNESCO in connection with the holding of the International Silk Road Conference, the establishment of the second-level regional center, the establishment of the academic chair, the establishment of the Semnan Geopark, and the introduction of Semnan University academic staff members to become members of UNESCO specialized groups announced.



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