Technical Manager




Head of Office: S. Moghimi

Civil Expert

Office Tel.: +98 23 33654152

Office Fax: +98 23 33654151

E-Mail: Smoghimi {@} 


Parts of duties and responsibilities

·         Qualitative and quantitative monitoring of all construction projects

·         Selecting consultants and setting up contracts related to the construction projects and approving their performances

·         Follow up the tenders of the construction projects and setting up the executive contract with the contractors

·         Supervising the design of the executive plans and the technical computing of the buildings which are under study and construction 

·         Reviewing and higher control of the given billing status of the consultants and contractors

·         Supervising the supplying of the consumer goods in the construction projects and approving them

·         Monitoring the maintenance and registering the maps, technical documents and billing status of projects.

·         Supervising the personnel affairs of the construction department

·         Supervising the good implementation of construction projects

·         Supervising and follow up all matters relating to the contractors and technical consultants of projects

·         Controlling of the quarterly reports of the construction projects which are required by president of university and other university units