Office of the Supreme Leader Representative

Head of Office: H. Zolfeghari

Office Tel.: +98 23 33654088

Office Fax: +98 23 33654977

E-Mail: Leader.Rep { @}    


   Parts of duties and responsibilities:

  •          Creating and developing an islamic and spiritual atmosphere
  •          Dominating the islamic revolutionary values
  •          Opposing the expansion of misleading thoughts and opinions and cultural invasion
  •          Reinforcing the spirit of self-confidence and thought dependence
  •          Strengthening the bond between universities and Islamic education centers
  •          Developing the political insight in university environment
  •          Performing educational and research programs in islamic sciences
  •          Extending the culture of encouraging to good deeds and discouraging from bad deeds and performing the prayers
  •          Supporting the professional and responsible personnel of university
  •          Attempting to maintain religious-national identity and reinforcing the spirit of self-confidence with emphasis on islamic and revolutionary values at university
  •          Intensifying the student’s islamic awareness and concerns
  •          Establishing and enhancing a refined and spiritual atmosphere at the university and promoting ethical principles among students
  •          Enriching political view of the university students
  •          Bolstering and guiding theological morale among student community