Students Affairs Management



Mohammad Amir Jan

Office Tel.: +98 23 33386106 


Parts of duties and responsibilities include:


·         Preparing various programs in the field of student affairs

·         Implementation of policies and guidelines regarding the affairs of the welfare and dormitories

·         Arrange necessary programs regarding proper communication between faculty members and students

·         Controlling for students refund loans

·         Performing the affairs related to repayment loan to students welfare cash credits

·         Getting the budget for student loan, including education, housing, marriage, housing deposit, loan for student insurance and tuition loan

·         Supervising the administration of self-service and student dormitories in terms of quality and quantity, nutrition and environmental health

·         Reflecting student comments and suggestions to the university authorities

·         Planning in order to get students involved in various affairs

·         Supervision and coordination of all student affairs in the faculties and educational groups

·         Performing other affairs related to student management