Semnan University ranks 22nd in the new ISC ranking

The President of Semnan University Announced that Semnan University was Ranked 22nd in the ISC Ranking in 2021-2022 Among the Comprehensive Universities of the Country.

According to Semnan University public relations report; Announcing this news, Dr. Seyfolah Saedodin said: In this ranking, Semnan University has succeeded in ranking 22nd among comprehensive universities in the country.

The president of Semnan University added: The number of comprehensive universities included in this ranking system in 2021-2022 was 71 universities.

Dr. Seyfolah Saedodin stated: Semnan University in the ISC ranking in the field of education (rank 54), research (rank 17), technology and innovation (rank 18), internationalization (rank 28), economic impact (rank 13) and social services, infrastructure and facilities (rank 20), has been allocated to itself.

He pointed out: the general criteria of ISC in the evaluation and ranking of universities and higher education institutions in 6 areas of education (with a weight of 30%), research (with a weight of 25%), technology and innovation (with a weight of 20%), internationalization (with a weight of 10%) percent), economic impact (with a weight of 10%) and social services, infrastructure and facilities (with a weight of 5%).