Prosperous Nowruz of Irangerd Technology Center of Tourism Faculty of Semnan University

The head of Semnan University's Faculty of Tourism announced the extensive activity of the technological core of "Rahpovian Irangerd" in Nowruz 1403 in the field of tourism.

According to the Semnan University public relations report, Dr. Kashian announced this news and said: The technology core of "Rahpovian Irangard" is managed by Mrs. Haghighi, one of the graduates of Semnan University's Faculty of Tourism, The first technology core is the Innovation Center of the Faculty of Tourism of Semnan University, which has been established in this faculty by the Science and Technology Park of Semnan University.

Dr. Kashian stated that this technological core organized extensive and successful tours in Semnan in cooperation with the Tourism Management Center of Semnan Municipality during the days of Nowruz 1403 and added: These tours, which were held every day from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, from 17 Shahrivar Park, found a wide audience among the people and tourists of Semnan city.

The head of Semnan University Tourism Faculty also announced the effort to increase the number of technology centers in the field of tourism in 2024.

Dr. Kashian emphasized the need to pay attention to technology cores in the field of tourism and support them in creating new professional businesses in the tourism industry, especially in the province, and said: that Semnan University Faculty of Tourism, having a tourism innovation center, welcomes technology cores in the field of tourism and It has provided the necessary infrastructure for the establishment of technology cores in the field of tourism.

It is worth mentioning; that Semnan University Tourism Faculty will host the Silk Road International Tourism Conference this year.




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