Holding a strategy conference at Semnan University

The Strategy Conference was held to Familiarize Consultants, Teachers, and Education Managers with the Potential of Semnan University

According to Semnan University public relations report; At this conference, about 50 counselors, teachers, and education managers of Semnan province and neighboring cities visited several faculties and Shahid Soleimani International Conference Center and the central library and document center of the university and got acquainted with the scientific, research and welfare potentials and capabilities of Semnan University.

During this conference and in this tour, consultants, teachers, and education managers visited the laboratories and educational environments of the Faculty of Chemistry, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Materials and Metallurgy Engineering, and the Faculty of Arts and they got acquainted with the capabilities of Semnan University.

According to the participants in this conference, this action was very new and useful, and valuable for them because many of the capabilities and potentials of this university were new to them and it was very effective in familiarizing them with Semnan University and its fields.





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