Office of Human Resources



M. Alaee pour

Office Tel.: +98 23 33654079

Office Fax: +98 23 33654075



Parts of duties and responsibilities:

 1.      Supervising on the staff’s clocking in and out and their presences and absentees and preparing the necessary reports

2.      Keeping the personnel cases involving university staff and members of faculty

3.      Performing the affairs of the university staff and members of faculty regarding kindergarten, health insurance etc.

4.      Preparing all personnel report regarding employment, promotion, transfer, leaves, retirement, etc. according to the relating rules and regulations.

5.      Providing comments on employment rules and regulations

6.      Attending the meetings of the executive committee for the job classification program

7.      Taking the necessary measures to prepare the contents for the job classification program

8.      Preparing the programs regarding the welfare of staff

9.      Cooperating in the preparation of a collection for policies, job duties and organization positions

10.  Preparing the job descriptions for the organization positions with collaboration of relating offices


Office Personnel

Full name



M. Hemmatian

Responsible for administrative affairs

+98 23 33383841

M.R. Alaee pour

Responsible for recruitment of academic members

+98 23 33383850

S. Hamzee

Responsible for recruitment of  non-academic members

+98 23 33383845

S. Fagharian

Responsible for welfare and pension

+98 23 33383842

E. Taherian

Responsible for the presence and absence

+98 23 33383843