Vice-Chancellor for Students




Dr. Ashkan Jebelli Javan

Associate Professor Of Department of Health Food Education

Office Tel.: +98 23 31532021

E-Mail: jebellija@profs.semnan




Parts of duties and responsibilities include:

·         Oversee coordination and implementation of the programs and services of the area

·         Overseeing all student affairs of the university

·         Studying and decision-making about student problems

·         Supervising the branch departments to make sure they perform their duties properly

·         Planning and monitoring the healthcare and counseling service of students

·         Planning and monitoring the Sport programs and physical education of university

·         Preparing and proposing the general principles of student counseling

·         Supervise assigned staff and coordinate the delivery of programs and services

·         Develop, monitor and maintain effective enrollment management processes and procedures

·         Planning the recreational activities for students

·         Perform other work related duties as assigned

·         Monitoring the housing of the students, creating students work for the applicants and supervising the affairs related to consultancy and guiding the students in academic, career and private fields

·         Monitor the implementation of laws and student regulations

·         Monitoring the implementation of students welfare services plans, non-educational and extra-ordinary activities

·         Managing dormitories, restaurants, sport stadium and health center

·         Helping students’ social life through social and political activities, assisting the establishment of various students cultural and scientific associations, student clubs and out of campus tours

·         Proposing the necessary programs to student cultural council and follow up their assigned duties

·         Soothing and making healthy the general relationship between students, academic members and Staff