Dr. Mohammad Hossein Ehsani

Ph.D. in Physics

Office Tel.: +98 23 33654134

Office Fax: +98 23 33654136

E-mail: Research.VC@semnan.ac.ir


Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Planning in the research affairs of the university.

2. Carrying out the necessary investigations and making decisions about the university's research activities.

3. Carrying out the necessary studies in the field of evaluating research activities and evaluating the annual research performance of the university.

4. Communication with internal and external institutions for cooperation in research matters and exchange of scientific and research services.

5. Managing the affairs of subordinate and affiliated research units of the university.

6. Cooperating with the directorate and public relations office in providing scientific, cultural, and social services and holding scientific seminars and conferences, implementing all matters of research and service contracts between the university and other institutions.

7. Cooperation in the implementation of short-term research courses for non-university institutions.

8. Supervised all research affairs of the university, libraries, and information banks.

9. Planning for faculty members to use the exchange and study opportunities inside and outside according to the approved criteria.

10. Preparation of university research programs and presentation of goals and setting research priorities in the form of short-term and long-term programs for planning in the university's research council.

11. Examining and evaluating the educational and research activities of the university in the framework of the growth and development programs of the country in the higher education sector for the plan in the Board of Directors.

12. Carrying out other tasks assigned by the president of the university.