Office of General Affairs





High-school diploma

Office Tel.: +98 23 33654073


Parts of duties and responsibilities:

·         Performance of all tenders and auctions of Semnan University

·         Catching inquiries, surveying and endorsement of the prices of all the consumption materials & equipment which is ordered by all other sections of the university.

·         Order registering and performance of all foreign and civil purchasing, including equipment, printed and electronic scientific journals and also performing custom clearance affairs.

·         Settle all treaties and contracts of the university, including: engaging service personnel, beautiful land designing, installations, book bindings and printing, lift servicing, cooking and handling of goods and so on.

·         Supervision on the confederated servicing companies commitments.

·         Whole buying of the consumption materials, possession goods and realities and equipment.

·         Organizing  and installation of  the fire alarms and extinguishing equipment , installation of anti- robbery systems and CC.s , security gates for liberties and performing related safety of security training in order to observe security  points by personnel.  

·         Establishing computerized data basis for the university’s contracts with companies.

·         Submission and renting the places and buildings which is in possession of the university.

·         Transportation services for the students scientific, cultural and research camps, and also daily transportation of all the departments.

·         Repairing and maintenance of all kinds of vehicles of the university and doing related tasks including: insurance, taxes and so on.

·         Recording data of the warehouses and supervision of the arrival and exiting of goods

This office includes the following units:

Transportation affairs

Supply office

Central depot



Transportation affairs

A. M. Pahlavandokht 

High-school diploma

Phone: +98 23 3321002


 Supply office

A. Masoum

High-school diploma


 Central Depot

H. Baghban

M. Zamiri

 High-school diploma