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  The second festival of movement of student scientific associations at the University of Semnan on 2012/5/20

An exhibition of the works, products, and achievements of Semnan Universitys scientific associations will be held on 2012/5/20 by the student research center and with the cooperation of scientific associations in line with the Fifth National Festival of Movement. In order to introduce the scientific potential of student associations, forty three associations of different branches such as basic sciences, humanities, engineering, art, veterinary medicine, desert studies, and tourism will take part in this event presenting reports, posters, etc. Moreover, in the competition section, the associations will compete in different divisions such as research, honors, job creation, writing and translating books, scientific journals, scientific contests, invention, creation, and innovation, educational and promotional activities, and the best secretary and booth. At the end, winners will receive the statue of the festival. The best scientific associations will be sent to the national festival. The followings are the schedule of the Semnan Universitys movement festival: Opening ceremony: Sunday 2012/5/20 at 15:00 p.m. in the temperature laboratory, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Exhibition: Sunday 2012/5/20 – Tuesday 2012/5/22 in the temperature laboratory, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Closing ceremony: Tuesday 2012/5/22 at 14:00 p.m. in the Danesh Hall, the Faculty of Humanities



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