30/07/2021 |

 Financial Affairs Management


 H.R. Molaee


Office Tel.: +98 23 33654065

Office Fax: +98 23 33654066

Email: Financial.M@semnan.ac.ir


Parts of duties and responsibilities:


·         Guidance and coordinating the administrative activities and planning the subsidiary offices of financial management

·         Doing all payments and receives in accordance with the regulations

·         Request for funds and receipt of funds from the treasury

·         Setting the receipt and payment accounts of the university, such as guarantee letters, prepayments and accounts as well as receiving and paying the debts

·         Preparing the necessary financial reports for presentation to higher authority

·         Drafting such letters as papers, ledger, credit and preparing financial statements, balance sheets, etc. In terms of articles and provisions of costs programs to control the university funds

·         Credit financing and commitment and registration of obligations for fees based on the approved budget and taking necessary actions to open letters of credit

·         Examining all financial documents of the university

·         Close supervision on and establishment of property accounting, storekeeping with the help of facilities, tenders and auctions creating a financial information system for better

·         controlling of the activities of the university’s financial affairs and quick access to such information for presentation to the relevant units and higher authority

·         Direct cooperation with the office of budget and planning to coordinate the matters related to the formulation of current and developmental budgets of the university

·         Planning extra documents of benefits and other expenses

·         Issuing computational sheets

·         Setting up and maintenance of the bank books and recording the received accounts from the bank

·         Setting up the bank accounts related to foreign currency funds

·         Regulation and maintenance of the university’s accounts

·         Registration and maintenance of ledgers and subsidiary ledgers, and controlling the subsidiary ledgers through the ledgers

·         Preparing the financial statements and worksheets, trial balance and final level preparation.

·         Recording the computational sheets of general and specific accounts, and preparation of necessary list

·         Setting the final accounts of the university and annual deducing of the budget bills of the university and sending them to the supreme audit court

·         Separation of the monthly cost documents, sending the required copies to the supreme audit court and keeping a copy of the documents in the archives

·         Preparing the list of university’s property consisting of movable and immovable properties

·         Controlling of all properties of the units with the method of using tags and preparing the list of properties of each unit and sticking it in each room

·         Property accounting for inventory control and purchasing the goods based on the needs of the units

·         Preparing and maintenance of the property account of each unit with details

·         Computerizing the list of properties

·         Providing necessary records of the properties and sending them to higher authorities at their request

·         Predicting the required maintenance and repairing of the repairable equipment and properties

·         Collecting the disposed properties and putting them up for auction under the supervision of financial manager, support and human resources deputy, legal group and other authorities, if necessary

·         Examining the documents of collected revenues of the university

·         Examining the documents and lists of staff salary in accordance with the subjected regulations

·         Examining the documents of costs to establish an internal control system in the university’s finances

·         Compliance of the cost documents with the approved budget of the university

·         Providing reports on possible violations to the competent authorities

·         Compliance of cost documents with the coding items, materials and fine materials in accordance with the rules and regulations

·         Setting and maintaining the credit agencies based on the programs, articles and provisions of costs

·         Maintenance of the approved and detailed budget ceilings of the university, in accordance with the scheduled credits of the user unit

·         Preparing and issuing the assignment of credits

·         Setting the foreign exchange assignments

·         Putting the certain expenses of all obligations into effect during the fiscal year

·         Provision for current expense performances in the form of program and descriptions of construction articles, costs and others

·         Reporting the quality and quantity of credits that have been set and rapid and timely submitting of them to the superior authorities

·         Doing banking, cash and documental securities, and deposits affairs, as well as controlling and reviewing the bankbooks

·         Preparing the documents and papers of prepayment, petty cash, accounts and consideration of their banking affairs

·         Collecting the university revenues

·         Receipt of credit funds for frequent and infrequent costs according to the treasury regulations

·         Issuance of bank checks and money orders

·         Calculation and payment of the salary and perquisites of the university staff

·         Considering the loans received by the employees and their payment issues

·         Performance of other duties relegated by the support and human resources deputy and the president of the university   


     This management includes the following units:

·         Central administration

·         Properties registration unit

·         University financial agents