30/07/2021 |


Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance




Assoc. Prof. Farzin Yaghmaee

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering 

Office Tel.: +98 23 33654070

Office Fax: +98 23 33654080

 Email: Finance.VC@semnan.ac.ir




Semnan University administrative affairs prepares and supervises various administrative and financial regulations of the university. It also has the

responsibility of organizing and coordinating different university administrative departments



Parts of duties and responsibilities:

 ·         Technical preparation of the university’s annual budget

·         Supervising good performance of all rules and regulations concerning employment, finance and deals

·         Offering an explanatory report to the university president regarding the duties of the branch departments

·         Coordinating the activities among the branch departments and commenting on settling the problems

·         The operation and maintenance of the university’s financial, accounting, payroll and cash management systems

·         The acquisition and disposal of the university’s property; the preparation (for the president) of the university’s annual financial report; the investment and monitoring of the university’s endowment and             

          other financial assets; the collection of student tuition, fees, loans, and of other monies owed to the university

·         Decision-making on the work schedule of branch department

·         Proposing the development budget, monitoring all recruitments, financial, transactional and development regulations.

·         Assuring the smooth performance of the duties of affiliated units via monitoring their works

·         Collaborating with the President of the University to do the duties related to the administrative units of the university much more efficiently

·         Supervising the development projects and annual budget and proposing it to the President of the university

·         Supervision on all operations and programs in the interest of improving efficiency and  performance in all departments

·         Supervision over employment and appointments within the university

·          Assessment on all ongoing programs within each department

·         Investigation into the objectives and goals of the university and the assurance of smooth running in the various departments within the given guidelines and to ensure conformation to relating regulations

·         Cooperation with university president for continual improvement in all aspects of university administration

·         Supervision of all administration and financial services in accordance with regulations

·         Formulation of the annual budget with the aid of university vice- presidents

·         Task division and specialization of the roles of the respective departments

·         Participation in various meetings purposed at negotiating different administrative issues

·         Supervision on providing and supplying university needs and installation and repairing affairs, environment health and supervision on well execution of contracts

·          Follow up and supervision on executive operations in affiliated units and attempt for solving problems and progress of these units

·         Participation in meetings with various unions in relation to financial and administrative matters

·         Supervision on acquisition of all university supplies and requirements and on installation and maintenance services in accordance with contracts