30/07/2021 |

Student Health & Treatment & Consultation Center


 Dr. Z. Javid

Office Tel.: +98 23 33383660


  Parts of duties and responsibilities include:

·         Investigating the epidemic cases of the diseases

·         Supervision and examination of students’ mental and health status and provide guidance to students in various fields

·         Observing the hygiene of mess halls and all other student environments (buffets- sport places and etc…)

·         Performing general visits in order to control the quality and the quantity of foodstuffs

·         Provision of health and medical services to staff and students

·         Special care of emergency patients

·         performing checkup tests and examinations of the newly entered students

·         Performing  counseling to students and their families in order to obtain  knowledge of their problems

·         Contacting with various departments of the university to coordinate  the activities of this center

·         Prediction and take necessary measures in the field of health and medicine supply and monitoring and control in its consumption

·         Examination and outpatient examination of students

·         Registration and maintenance of student medical records

·         Follow up on the status of student admitted to the hospital

·         Preparation and distribution of various journal based on current needs