30/07/2021 |

Planning & Budgeting Management



Head of Office: D. Maddah

MSc Management

Office Tel.: +98 23 33654129

E-Mail: Budgeting.M@semnan.ac.ir


The management of budget and planning is responsible for the development and monitoring of the universities annual operating budget. It conducts analytical studies to support the planning and budget development processes and produces management information related to the universities operations.

The management of budget and planning offers the primary support for identifying, obtaining, allocating and maximizing resources needed to achieve the university goal of becoming the second most highly visible and prominent public university in the state. The office strives to provide its customers with efficient and productive methods for budget preparation, using sound budget and management practices, financial planning that supports management decision making, and developing innovative solutions to challenging problems.


Parts of duties and responsibilities

                 Conduct all affairs related to preparing the university budget, with the coordination of university administrative and financial affairs

         Collaboration with the managers and heads of units in order to prepare and setting up the university Budget

         Collecting the recommended budgets by various units and studying the recommended plans and credits

         Integration and set up the proposed budgets in the form of overall objectives and policies of university

         Defending the proposed budget in the investigation references

         Administration and control of the university budget

         Coordination and management of the universities budgeting process

         Communication with senior management, deans, directors, faculty, and administration to ensure budget policies are followed, expenditures are controlled, and difficulties are resolved


Prepare the annual budget submission to the state.

         Develop and monitor the universities annual budget.

         Fulfill internal and external budgeting reporting requirements.

         Process budget transfers and funding requests for new programs and new initiatives

         Review capital project requests and monitor capital budget expenditures.

         Provide financial analysis for departments and the university.

         Link university budgets with strategic planning.