30/07/2021 |

Secretariat of the Executive Board for Admission of Faculty Members



Head of Office: Prof. Farshad Varaminian

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

Office Tel.: +98 23 31535880

Office Fax: +98 23 33654150

E-Mail: jazb@semnan.ac.ir


Parts of duties and responsibilities include:                                                                                                         

        Necessary measures to identify and determine the needs of faculty members for educational and research groups

        Public call for admission of faculty members

        Implementation of the regulations and rules regarding how to hire and how to transfer academic status from one status to other status and transferring faculty members to other university

        Investigating of the scientific and general competence of faculty members and applicants who seeking employment at the university or academic scholarship applicants in order to provide information to the executive

        Board for admission of the faculty members

        Provide regular reports to the executive and central board for admission of the faculty members

        Perform other duties of the executive board for admission of the faculty members