We thank God for the arrival of Month of Mehr, in which Universities happily revive and rejuvenate with the presence of dear students. I welcome you all on your very important way to academic world of knowledge.

Let us respect and welcome the coincidence of Sacred Defense Week with the beginning of the new academic year. I whole heartedly greet the students back to SU and especially those new freshmen and women joining us.

As commanded by Supreme Leader, the current year is named the year of "Economics and Culture with National Determination and Jihadi Management". With regard to university inherent purpose as the most important base of development and the main tool of access to cultural, economic and political independence, there comes a serious responsibility for all universities. In this regard, SU, as the gem of wisdom in desert region, and the largest comprehensive university at the Semnan province, requires great will to seek its very important role to enhance scientific, cultural, and social atmosphere. This cannot be done without the help and sincere attempts of all academic figures including dear students, professors and the university staff.

I hope that during the current academic year, our students can attend effectively and academically in the society and prove their capabilities by doing real scientific activities with the help of all academic staff.

Surely the production of the science based on faith is the main purpose of the universities. Based on the “Government of Foresight and Hope” approaches, it can be achieved when the scientific mentality will be dominated in the society. I also hope that as before, the hard-working managers and professors, pave the ground for teaching and research activities for the students.

Finally, I pray Allah and beg success and triumph for all dears at SU in this new academic year.