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Plaster research Group




Dr. E. Najafi Kani

PhD in Chemical Engineering

Office Tel.:  +98 23 31533923

                      +98 23 33654283

Office Fax:  +98 23 33654283


E-Mail: e_najafi@sun.semnan.ac.ir



Due to numerous requests from Semnan University for research in the field of mineral processing, particularly plaster, establishing the plaster research center was considered a major priority. In this regard the higher education promotion council agreed with establishing this center on May in 2006. In the year 2009 with the opening of the building research institute for advanced materials Plaster Research Group moved to this building.


Fields of activities:

Optimization of production methods in order to reduce price and increasing the added value of gypsum products

Study on new technology of gypsum production and possibility of its localization.

Diversify gypsum products and enhance their quality according to market needs in line with their applications in various industries

Continuous efforts to improve energy consumption at the level of world standards for industrial production of gypsum

Continuous efforts to reduce environmental emission and eliminate industrial waste from gypsum plant