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  Semnan University is one of the top producers of science in the country

Vice-chancellor of the research and technology said that the Semnan University, by producing 623 scientific papers, is one of the top science producers of the country which was announced by Scopus in 2016.

Prof. Ali Haghighi Asl added: Based on the information available in the Scopus Citation Database, Semnan University was the 14th comprehensive university of the country in producing the scientific papers in 2016.

It should be noted that by producing this number scientific documents, each academic member of the Semnan University has averagely published two scientific papers in Scopus.

In 2016, 50236 documents from the Islamic Republic of Iran were recorded in Scopus, which has the growth rate of 15.2 percent compared with 43620 documents in 2015.



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