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Institute of Building New Technology


Necessary to identify the strengths and weaknesses of new technologies in the building construction industry is considered one of the most important needs. Thus, the duty and mission of universities in research and applied research and interdisciplinary academic research and their integration within the discipline, effective communication with industry and developing new methods of design and construction of the building industry, Semnan University as a comprehensive university in the province which has a high potential for research activities has considered establishing a Institute of Building New Technology. In this regard the Higher Education Council of The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology agreed with establishing this institute at Semnan University on July in 2011.


 The institute includes the following research groups:

Research Group for Civil Innovative Materials

Research Group for Civil Executive Innovative methods

Research Group for Building Innovative Systems

The fields of researches:

Study and research in the field of building technologies and associated materials and finally the creation of databases for use of domestic and foreign scholars and researchers

Guidance and heading of the countries building processes from traditional method to advanced ones which are required by the building industry

Investigate ways of using international innovative and appropriate technologies in the construction process and applied and localization industry for the method of building in the country

Study and investigate methods of the reduction of mass and energy consumption in accordance with national regulations and finished price of building

Study ways of improving traditional buildings and pre-made building

Study of encouraging and supportive ways to experts and importing building innovative technologies into country

Enhance the quality of building construction with approach of increasing building’s useful life consistent with advanced technologies

Study and investigate ways to improve innovative management for implementation of construction projects