21/01/2021 |

Heterogeneous Reaction Engineering Group


 Dr. B. Khoshandam

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering


Office Tel.: +98 23 33654284

Office Fax: +98 23 3365 4120

E-Mail: bkhoshandam@semnan.ac.ir


 Heterogeneous chemical Reactions include an important category of reactions of solid mineral substance with gas. Semnan province is abundant in mineral resources in the country. Because of extraction of various mines in Semnan province, the need for accurate assessment of different mining methods and the transformation of the extracted material into valuable products has been increased.  Also, accurate study of reactions which have solid reactive is essential.

In order to exploit mineral resources of Semnan province for to achieving valuable materials, Semnan University as a comprehensive University in the province which has a high potential for research activities has considered establishing a Heterogeneous Reaction Engineering Group. In this regard the higher education council of the ministry of science, research and technology agreed with establishing this group at Semnan University on December in 2009.


The Fields of Researches:

Extraction of cobalt metal from ores which containing cobalt oxide using methane gas

Production of chromium carbide from chemical reactions of chromium oxide using methane gas

Study of exploitation of mineral manganese in the reaction of manganese dioxide ore with methane gas

Optimization of energy production through coal gasification reaction

Extraction of copper from its ore with the help of the reaction with the gas methane as a factor in the revival

Extraction of zinc from its ore using methane gas