21/01/2021 |

 Salt Research Group


Dr. H.Z. Mousavi

Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry

E-Mail: hzmousavi@semnan.ac.ir


  Salt has many applications in various industries such as medical, pharmaceutical and nutritional industries. Because of existence of huge amounts of salt mines in Semnan province, and need of high productivity of production process and optimized use of salt, Semnan University as a comprehensive university in the province which has a high potential for research activities has begun to establish a Salt Research Group.

This research group is highly involved in the field of scientific research and development, ranging from fundamental, applied and development in field of salt processing.


The fields of researches:

Identification of toxic materials and impurities in the salt mines of Semnan province and determination of the percentage of impurities

Study of new methods for removing toxic substances and impurities from nutritional and medicinal salts

Study of the purification technologies of salt and localization of these technologies

Design and construction of semi-industrial unit for purifying of nutritional and medicinal salts

Design of special equipment for salt purification

Compiling technical knowledge of the production of various salt products

Revision of preparing standards for the production of nutritional and industrial salts, through constructive interaction with the standard organization and industrial research organization