21/01/2021 |

Crystal Growth Research Group


Dr. M.J. Tafreshi

Office Tel.: +98 23 31533243

                   +98 23 33645120

Office Fax: +98 23 33654120

E-Mail: mtafreshi@semnan.ac.ir


 This group is established in order to promote research in the field of crystal growth with different methods and study their properties. Our crystal growth research lab consists of different equipment for growing crystals. The aim of the design and manufacturing of crystal growth at Semnan University was saving money, and also the localization of equipment manufacturing technology within the country. This laboratory has necessary facilities for the growth of single crystals using the following methods:

  • Melt growth methods
  • Solution growth methods (The Top-Seeded Solution Growth (TSSGmethod)
  • Vapor growth methods (CVT, PVT,  and CVD method)


In addition to the facilities in the growth of single crystals, nano-crystals growth and   technology of deposing thin layers are available in the laboratory.


The Fields of Researches:

Growth of KTiOPO4 (KTP) single crystals by high temperature solution

The growth of single crystals of binary and ternary using vapor growth methods (CVT)

Production of alumina nanoparticles using sol-gel method

Growth of oxides single crystals using melt growth methods

KDP crystal growth with a medium size

The growth of crystals with ultra violet

Photochemical deposition of layer-growth of semiconductor layer (ZnS)