21/01/2021 |

 Office of Industrial Relationship and Entrepreneurship



Dr. E. Borhani 

 Ph.D. in Materials Engineering

Office Tel.: +98 23 33325617

Office Fax: +98 23 33325617

E-Mail: Entrepreneurship.M@semnan.ac.ir


   Parts of duties and responsibilities: 

·         The formation of the scientific –industrial cooperation committee with different organizations and industrial unit

·         Performing the affairs related to the research and scientific cooperation with the industrial sector

·         Contact with the industries and factories for contracts about scientific and research projects for the purpose of strengthening the relationship with the community industry

·         Planning and policymaking in regard to student traineeship

·         Policy making and encourage faculty members to carry out applied research

·         Supporting entrepreneurs as model for students

·         Guiding students to industrialize their expertise

·         Familiarizing students to all occupational areas in community

·         Holding various courses in order to increase applied sciences

·         Corresponding to various departments and units to introduce students for traineeship and internship

·         Identifying Industrial and manufacturing companies in order to introduce them to university

·         Holding meetings with organizations and administrations to attract financial facilities and supports with the purpose of employment of graduated students

·         Commercialization research-applied achievements

·         Promoting knowledge-based small and medium-sized businesses

·         Promoting and facilitate knowledge and technology transfer from university to other community centers

·         Counseling and guidance in lien with innovative and job creating ideas

·         Participating in various fairs and exhibitions of the province